Stretch Smart Studio views each person as an individual shaped by their own genetic makeup, ailments, and postural faults.

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About Stretch Smart Studio


The Smart Method of training starts with our instructors having an extensive knowledge of anatomy and functional movement of the body. All of our classes were developed putting each participant's limitations and goals first.  The "no pain, no gain" theory does not apply here. Wherever your body is that's where it should be.  We understand that incremental changes happen over time, and pushing yourself to be better with each class is our collective goal. We view pain as the body's defense mechanism to stop you from getting injured and at Stretch Smart Studio, we listen to the body whole heartedly.  

Other fitness classes give you a waiver to sign upon entering in case of injury, which is understandable. At Stretch Smart Studio we take it one step further by sharing in the responsibility of knowing who is in our classes in order to create a safer environment. Each participant that enters the studio will fill out an intake form  that gives us a brief synopsis of your physical history, limitations, and expectations. Matching our knowledge of the body with your personal background allows us to formulate a Smart PlanThis plan gives us a more comprehensive picture of who you are, so we can remind you of when to be cautious and modify the movement if needed