Our mission

Stretch Smart Studio was designed as a haven for learning and maintaining functional movement in the body. By teaching the basics of posture, self assessment and body awareness in each class, we empower each participant with the knowledge to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve overall balance.

Our focus 

We are not rewriting the anatomy books or creating some new form of exercise, but simply taking the fundamentals of the body and the way it moves and sharing it with the our patrons. If you can better understand the things you do that cause weakness, lack of flexibility and pain, then ultimately you become a vital part in making the proper changes in your day to day life.

Self Care is the key to better health!


As a life long fitness fanatic with a sedimentary job, I have run the gamete of exercises to keep my body in shape. Stretch Smart is by far the best way to maintain the flexibility necessary to keep up with my lifestyle. The instructors are knowledgeable and motivating telling us not just "the how" but "the why". 


Tom Stehl, 36 years old


After being told that I was in need of a hip replacement, I was looking for something to loosen me up, both pre and post operation. Stretch Smart not only prepared me before hand, but has sped up my recovery and become a staple in my weekly wellness routine." 


Jay Purdy, 76 years old

As the years went on, I noticed a major decrease in my flexibility and my overall posture. Stretch Smart has improved my body awareness, and gave me range of motion that I haven't had since a child, if ever!"


Jane O'Malley, 68 years old


Working full time, commuting and being a mom doesn't leave much time for self care. Implementing Stretch Smart into my daily routine allows me to assess my body and deal with the structural issues that arise from my daily life. Thanks Stretch Smart for keeping me moving in the right direction.


Deb Flamenbaum, 43 years old